Community Development

Kindale’s focus on community development is in response to the needs and interests of the people we serve. Our belief is that these needs and interests mirror those of the broader community. Therefore, if we help the community, we help our persons served and vice versa. We can’t do it alone, however, so we actively seek out partners with similar interests, goals, and values. Our partnerships include governments, businesses, educational institutions, organizations, other non-profits, service clubs, families and individuals.

Kindale partners with many other organizations to address community issues, including:
Accessible medical services, e.g. Haugen Community Health Centre in Armstrong
Affordable housing, e.g. Under One Roof and Viridian Project, Vernon; Lydia Boss Centre, Armstrong
Food security, e.g. Patchwork Farms at Okanagan College, Kalamalka Campus; Community Gardens, RDNO
Health and nutrition, e.g. Community Kitchens
Employment, e.g. Rotary Partnership “Real Work for Real Pay”



Due to COVID-19, we have closed our Thrift Stores
and are in need of monetary donations
in order to purchase essential items to keep
our Persons Served healthy and happy.

Any help is appreciated!  THANK YOU!

TOGETHER we DO make a difference!


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