Looking for Work?

Kindale provides customized and supported employment services funded by CLBC and also offers employment counseling and supports under contract to WorkBC.

For the Individual
Kindale's employment specialists work with the individual to determine employment objectives, assess skills, identify opportunities, prepare letters of inquiry and resumes, provide job coaching and support, and follow up on a regular basis as needed. We will also approach prospective employers and develop employment opportunities on an ongoing basis.

For the Employer
When an individual is successful and receives a job, a “job coach” is available to assist the employee and the employer with ongoing support. As the employee learns the skills they need to do the job, the job coach fades out of the picture. A phone call is all it takes to bring the job coach back to the worksite.

For more information or to speak with an employment specialist, contact the Kindale office at 250-546-3005.



Due to COVID-19, we have closed our Thrift Stores
and are in need of monetary donations
in order to purchase essential items to keep
our Persons Served healthy and happy.

Any help is appreciated!  THANK YOU!

TOGETHER we DO make a difference!


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