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Customized Employment

Employment - Kindale and Partners

Kindale offers employment-based services such as individual employability, workplace assessment, employment readiness training, job coaching, employee & employer support, and customized & supported employment.

Kindale helps to fit persons served with employment opportunities that allow the employee to adapt their unique coping skills to daily living which allows them to be just as efficient as any other worker. Hiring people with diverse abilities can help employers overcome the challenge of finding skilled workers and tap into a unique group of non-traditional employees who are often unrecognized.

Customized and supported employment services are funded by CLBC, and the employment counseling and supports are offered through Kindale’s contract with WorkBC.

For the Individual

Kindale’s employment specialists work with the individual to determine employment objectives, assess skills, identify opportunities, prepare letters of inquiry and resumes, provide job coaching and support, and follow up on a regular basis as needed. We will also approach prospective employers and develop employment opportunities on an ongoing basis.

For the Employer

When an individual is successful and receives a job, a “job coach” is available to assist the employee and the employer with ongoing support. As the employee learns the skills they need to do the job, the job coach fades out of the picture. A phone call is all it takes to bring the job coach back to the worksite.

Customized and Supported Employment

Kindale works in partnership with organizations and businesses in the North Okanagan and Shuswap areas to create “real work for real pay” positions for persons served. Kindale works with both the employer and the individual looking for work to find a good placement that fills the needs of both the employee and the employer. Kindale maintains a relationship with the employer to help support the person served in their placement.

Customized and supported employment uses a variety of methods to ensure that individuals achieve employment within an integrated setting. These services may be delivered out of offices, centres, or even homes!

Partnership with WorkBC

In April 2012, Kindale began a partnership with WorkBC, under the umbrella of Community Futures of the North Okanagan. This employment service is open to the public, not just Kindale persons served. Those needing employment supports are assessed and referred to the appropriate agency, service, or program. Through WorkBC, Kindale provides employment counselling and a full range of supports to people who have had any sort of employment barriers, including those who are unemployed or underemployed.

WorkBC services include self-serve job search services as well as client needs assessments, case management, and other employment service options for those needing more individualized services to prepare for, find, and maintain sustainable employment. This service is intended for individuals who require minimal or short-term support on the job.

For more information or to speak with an employment specialist, contact the Kindale office at 250-546-3005

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