Health Care


In early 2008 the Armstrong/Spallumcheen area was facing a serious shortage of physicians. Several were planning to move or retire and it appeared quite possible that the number of local doctors could drop from five to just one. This would have created a very difficult situation for many Kindale individuals who have complex medical needs. They would have to find new doctors in Vernon or use walk-in clinics or the Emergency Room there. In some instances the loss of service may have meant moving some individual that are currently living in residential homes in Armstrong to Vernon so that they would have ready access to care. The situation would also be very difficult for many other residents in the area – particularly seniors and low income families – who would now have to commute to Vernon for care.

In response to this emerging crisis, a community group composed of concerned residents was formed in early 2008. Kindale was involved from the beginning - first as a founding member and committee participant and then as a supporting partner.

This community group incorporated as a non profit, charitable society called the Haugen Community Healthcare Society. Staff and consultants from Kindale continued to assist the Society throughout the planning and development stages of the project and played a key role in finding a suitable location for the facility, the design and completion of the renovations and ensuring that it was properly furnished and equipped. They also took an active role in negotiations with the physicians and other partners and in developing operational plans and budgets.

The Haugen Community Healthcare Centre opened in December 2008 - less than a year after the issue first surfaced. It currently has 3 full time and 2 part time physicians and operates at full capacity serving area residents. Kindale continues to provide support in the form of accounting and financial management services