Community Living Options

Community Living and Day Options

Kindale provides Community Living and Day Options to adults of all ages - from youth to seniors - and at all levels of functioning. These day programs make an immense difference in the lives of people with developmental and other disabilities. They provide opportunities for skill enhancement, recreation, socialization and community inclusion that significantly enhance self esteem and quality of life.


Bechtold Centre: Armstrong

Bechtold Centre, located at 2725 Patterson Avenue in Armstrong, opened in 1988. It had approximately 6,500 square feet of area on two floors. Bechtold was designed and built specifically for people with disabilities. Doors, counters, sinks and light switches were placed for easy use and access for people using wheelchairs or scooters or who had other physical or mobility impairments. Ramps connected the various areas and the administration building. There were many large windows throughout the building which helped create an open, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. At the rear of the building there is an easily accessible, enclosed courtyard which is well used in the warm seasons as a place for leisure and recreation.

For many years, Bechtold housed 3 different programs each designed for individuals with different needs or disabilities. In 2009, participants in one of the programs, The Learning Centre, were moved to the newly opened ‘Independent Generation’.  The 2 remaining programs were combined into one program called Community Connections and which now operates on the lower floor only.

The Kindale Thrift Store now occupies the entire street level floor.


Seaton Centre opened in 1993 in a commercial area of Vernon on land donated by the Kinsmen. It features 3,700 square feet of program space, is fully wheelchair accessible, and is designed to accommodate persons with a variety of disabilities. Seaton primarily serves older individuals, many of whom came to Kindale from large institutions such as Woodlands and Tranquille. Seaton Centre is also available to a variety of community groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Weight Watchers for evening and weekend use.

As the shift away from traditional, centre based programs continues, Seaton Centre is transforming into a multi use centre that will house a variety of partners, programs and services.