Kindale provides a variety of choices of living arrangements for individuals. These choices include:
  • Residential Homes
  • Home Sharing
  • Affordable Housing
Residential Homes

Kindale owns and operates four group homes in Armstrong and Greater Vernon, and one BC Housing-owned house in Armstrong, that provide safe and supportive housing for 26 individuals:
  • Warner House – Armstrong
  • Rosewood House – Armstrong
  • Van Kleeck House – Armstrong (owned by BC Housing)
  • Middleton House – Greater Vernon (Coldstream)
  • Mountain View House – Greater Vernon (Coldstream)
Each of our residences is designed and staffed to provide the individual with the most ‘homelike’ atmosphere possible. They are located in typical residential areas and resemble other homes in the neighborhood. Each resident enjoys their own bedroom as well as spacious and comfortable living and dining rooms where they can relax and socialize. Wholesome and nutritious meals are prepared on-site and everyone eats together. Individuals who are physically able are included in food preparation and clean up.

Our residential homes are funded by CLBC and staffed 24 hours a day. They are licensed through the Ministry of Health, who also monitors health and safety issues for each individual. Programs for individuals are prepared on an individual basis in conjunction with Personal Service Plans (PSP’s). PSP’s are developed to provide maximum independence and support through positive principles of behavior management.

To view photos of our homes, click here

Home Sharing

Kindale Homeshare services assist a Community Living BC referred adult with a developmental disability to locate a shared living situation of choice; where the adult is a valued person in the home and has supports as desired to be a participating member of the community. Although the “home” is generally a furnished room and other space in the provider’s home or residence, it may include a separate dwelling or apartment.

Home sharing is a very broad and flexible label funded by CLBC and includes a wide variety of arrangements. Support may include assistance with self-care and relationship building, finances, life skills, meal preparation, personal care, and use of community resources and generic services.

In some situations, home sharing involves very close relationships; lives are shared and positively impacted through the critical component of matching a person to a host family / shared living provider.

Kindale Homeshare Coordinators complete a rigorous and comprehensive assessment prior to approving any home sharing provider. In addition, they support the individual and the homesharing provider on an ongoing basis to
ensure that all regulations, policies, and guidelines are being compiled with.

For more information, view the Home Sharing Providers’ Handbook or call Kindale at 250-546-3005 and ask to speak to a Home Share Coordinator.

Affordable Housing

As part of our focus on ‘building community’ Kindale has been very involved, since 2008, in helping to provide affordable and sustainable housing options in the North Okanagan. Access to quality, safe and affordable housing is essential for those with disabilities wishing to live more independently in the community and many other individuals and families with low or fixed incomes have urgent housing needs as well.

Kindale is the property manager for a number of affordable rental units in Vernon and Armstrong. To enquire about availability and applications, please call Kindale’s office in Armstrong at 250-546-3005.

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