Service Options


All services for the people Kindale serves begin with the creation of a comprehensive and person centred service plan that clearly identifies each person’s needs, goals and dreams - and the steps required to meet them. Once this plan is in place, Kindale’s staff do their best to ensure that the needed supports, services and opportunities are provided. If Kindale is unable to meet all a person’s needs or goals, we will do our best to draw in resources or make referrals to others who  can help.

Services that Kindale provides include:

1. Health, Safety and Personal Wellness

Enhancing and maintaining health and safety and increasing the capacity for personal well being are an important component of our services - especially for those who have significant disabilities, complex medical needs, and/or co-occurring mental health conditions. Services in this area may include:

  • Self-care, personal hygiene, physical activation and basic safety
  • Behavioural analysis and support plans
  • Healthy Emotions workshops
  • Life skills and social skill development
  • Learning effective coping mechanisms
  • Enhancing self esteem
  • Motor development
  • Exercise programs - including therapeutic and remedial movements
  • Seizure management
  • Assistance for visual and hearing impairments
  • Support for swallowing disorders
  • Dietary management
  • If required, referrals are made to professional support services

2. Communication Development

Services in this area are designed to support persons served to develop, enhance or maintain communication and interactive social skills. They may include:

  • Development of listening, speaking and social communication skills
  • Assistance in learning how to use adaptive communication devices
  • Access to computer games and software that enhance skills
  • Use of the internet for entertainment and social networking
  • Use of arts such as painting and music as forms of non-verbal expression
  • Engaging in activities that develop daily living communication skills such as purchasing items in stores, speaking on the phone and interacting with the general public
  • For complex needs, staff consult with a professional support team obtain specialized services from a certified Speech Language Pathologist

3. Community Inclusion

Community inclusion is an integral part of all our programs and services. Wherever possible, learning and activities takes place in the wider community. Not only does this create opportunities for interaction with people and friendships to develop, it helps break down the barriers that often keep people with disabilities isolated. Activities that promote community inclusion might include:

  • Participating in community based learning activities
  • Going into the community for walks, visiting restaurants and coffee shops or taking in movies and concerts
  • Outdoor recreation activities such as walking, swimming and volleyball
  • For the more adventurous we encourage hiking, kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing
  • Attending hockey games – many persons served are huge Vernon Vipers or Armstrong Knights or Salmon Arm Silverbacks fans and faithfully attend all the games
  • Participating in the community gardens
  • Volunteering at the Food Bank and Soup Kitchen
  • Developing social networks around persons served

4. Enhancing Independent Living

Many of Kindale’s persons served lead independent or semi-independent lives in the community - with varying degrees of support from staff. The focus for these people is on helping them to develop knowledge and skills that empower them to live rich, safe and self reliant lives. Areas where supports might be needed include:

  • Developing safeguards to ensure personal safety
  • Knowing how to access fire, police and other emergency services if required
  • Learning how to access community based resources, services and activities
  • Using public transportation
  • Banking and money management
  • Menu planning, shopping and cooking
  • Developing social skills and a social network