Specialized Services


In addition to the services Kindale provides through its residential homes and Community Living options we offer specialized programs and services that target specific needs, interests or groups.  


Youth Development Program
Young people with developmental and other disabilities are an important and growing population that we serve. This is also a population with rather different needs and expectations than traditional programs were designed to meet. Kindale has been approved through the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) to provide a variety of services to Children and Youth with Special Needs.  These individualized programs/.services are funded through MCFD.  

Youth Groups 

Our youth groups are geared towards young people with disabilities, their family members, friends and other community members. They are led by young individuals who schedule inclusive events that promote social interaction, fun and learning in the community. These groups and the events they host are open to young people on our wait list that cannot access regular programs. 

Youth Leadership Development

The focus of this program is to provide opportunities to young people with disabilities to become effective leaders through learning, teaching, sharing their skills and making connections with others. They are encouraged to develop awareness of issues in the community that affect them – such as public transportation, affordable housing, recreation opportunities, levels of government funding and the availability and integrity of services. 

  • speak out about what is important to them
  • socialize and develop self-confidence
  • participate in community based organizations, activities and events.
  • contribute to the community inclusion movement
  • gain hands-on experience in communication, organization and planning skills
  • hold positions of influence in the community by joining volunteer boards, community based committees, student councils etc.
  • promote awareness of the value of young people in the community  


Many Kindale individuals are now seniors. Some of these seniors have attended Kindale programs since they were children or young adults. Others spent many years in institutions such as Woodlands and Tranquille before transitioning to community based residential homes. Kindale offers a range of programs and activities that are tailored to the needs and interests of seniors including: 

  • Recreation Outings: Seniors are frequently escorted to activities such as bowling, swimming and day trips.
  • Community Inclusion: Many of the supported activities occur in places like the Schubert Centre, Halina Senior Centre, Army & Navy Club, other organizations geared to seniors. This allows seniors to develop relationships and friendships within the wider community. A great example of this is the Red Hat Society. This group brings together seniors – both with and without disabilities - for special social occasions and outings during which unique or outrageous red hats are worn.
  • Social Events: Seniors are invited to participate in parties or social nights. Many of these social events are theme based - related to popular occasions such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter – and are great fun. These events are open to seniors in the wider community.
  • Music: We maintain a music program that is not only enjoyable for seniors but helps them remain active and involved. They are encouraged to play musical instruments, dance and sing songs. One neat feature of the music program is that playing or listening to songs from their era stimulates their memories as it encourages reminiscing about the old days – where they were and what they were doing.
  • Arts/Crafts: Seniors are encouraged to participate in a variety of arts and crafts. Many of these activities are geared for the season and special occasions.
  • Gardening: Many seniors are involved in gardening. They help with buying plants and seeds in the spring and grow and maintain small vegetable and flower gardens each year. Produce and flowers from these gardens are often used in the fall for arts and crafts sessions. Several seniors are now involved in the community garden in Vernon. This provides many opportunities to meet and interact with other people in the community. Last year vegetables from this garden were donated to the Upper Room Mission.
  • Library Visits: Weekly visits are made to the Library to borrow books, tapes and videos.  

Supports for Senior Parents

An important but often neglected group is senior parents of adults with disabilities. These are parents who chose to take care of their children at home rather than putting them into institutions or into the care of public or private agencies. Many of these parents are now reaching an age where they are unable to continue as primary caregivers and may require care themselves. 

A significant concern for these senior parents, and for agencies like Kindale, is what will happen to their children – who themselves may be elderly - when this time comes. Some of these parents have not made arrangements for the ongoing care of their children or prepared them for what will be a major life change. In many cases there are no wills, health care plans or financial provisions in place or even written documentation of what the families or their children want. Without clear plans or arrangements the death of a parent(s) could lead to uncertainty, distress and crises their child’s life. 

In 2008, in conjunction with the Senior Parents Committee, Kindale was able to secure funding from CLBC to hire a Family Resource Developer. There role is to work directly with senior parents to help address the many needs, concerns and issues that they have. Some of the goals of this program are: 

  • To help ensure adult children maintain safe, quality lifestyles and a secure future.
  • Help identify and determine what supports and services may be necessary including emergency response plans, respite and housing options
  • Work with families to develop resources and supports that ensure ongoing safe and secure lifestyles for their adult children.
  • Facilitate the development of transition plans as needed
  • Assist individuals and families to enhance life skills and develop relationships outside the home that will improve their quality of life
  • Assist isolated families to begin accessing community supports
  • Refer and/or liaise with other care providers – CLBC, Community Living Associations, Health Services for Community Living, Mental Health, etc
  • Research and provide information to elderly parents on Legal Guardianships, Trusts and Wills and Estates
  • Assist the Seniors Parents Committee in their activities

For more information about this program contact Kindale at 
Phone: 250 546 3005
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.