We Never Say “We Can’t”, 

We Always Say “How Can We?”

Benita “B” Elliott
Executive Director

                    Vernon Thrift Store : New Location  April 22, 2021

                                                     Tuesday – Saturday 9:30-4:30
                                                         2814 44th Avenue

Making a Difference in Our Community

We help people with developmental disabilities create and live the lives that they dream of, in an inclusive and supportive community. Learn more about Kindale here.

Don’t know what to say to someone with a developmental disability?
Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, just say “Hi“.  

It’s such a small thing, but it can make a big difference.  
We all have a role to play in the safety and well being of our fellow citizens.  
Saying “Hi” helps people feel they belong. www.startwithhi.ca

Want to learn how to be safe online?

The I Can Be Safe Online website was created by Community Living BC (CLBC) for adults living with developmental disabilities to learn how to be safe online. 

Click here to learn more

CARF Accreditation

Kindale has been CARF accredited since 2007. CARF accreditation is awarded internationally to associations which demonstrate the highest level of excellence in service delivery, and Kindale is proud to be accredited under CARF for Community Housing, Community Integration, and Host Family/Shared Living Arrangements. Kindale is an equal opportunity employer.

Kindale is an equal opportunity employer.

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