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Many of Kindale’s persons served live on their own in independent living arrangements in Kindale-owned homes, rented homes, or even homes that are owned by the person served. Kindale Outreach services allow the same level of independence while helping to support individuals with certains tasks that may not be easily accessible to them. These sorts of services can include:

                            • Helping to plan and prepare meals
                            • Helping with grocery shopping
                            • Helping with budgeting
                            • Transportation to and from different errands and activities
                            • Helping with laundry or chores around the homes
                            • Helping with medical needs such as appointments
                            • Advocating in support of the person served

Outreach Support provides targeted hourly support through one-on-one or group arrangements, both within and outside of the home environment. These services are funded by CLBC and are provided to the individual for a certain number of hours per week, depending on the level of need.

The focus of this program is not to do the tasks for the individual, but to assist the individual in doing tasks themselves in a safe and constructive way, while sustaining the independence of the person served.

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